extension of the la monsina school

callosa de segura


To the southwest of Callosa de Segura the “La Monsina” housing development is located. A low-density residential neighbourhood resembling an island surrounded by orange orchards that form a characteristic landscape of the Vega Baja del Segura.


The plot on which the project is being developed has a very unique geometry and is occupied in its centre by a circular building that houses the pre-school education programme of the “La Monsina” educational centre.


The programme of the new building, designed by the Balzar Arquitectos, seeks to expand the facilities to accommodate primary education teaching and results in the creation of ten classrooms, a gymnasium with changing rooms, a multi-purpose room and a library.


The new building has a compact, efficient shape and is located at the most east end of the plot, forming a garden as a meeting point between the two buildings. This idea reveals our desire to think not only about what has been built but also about the void that is generated.