beach house



The Beach House has been designed in collaboration with AlHumaidhi Architects. It arises from the intention of capitalizing on the most impressive views of the sea. While creating a scenic promenade. Surrounding the construction and enhancing the vegetation’s presence throughout the entire project.



The gardens



Different sized gardens lead the way from the entrance of the property to the main house. Giving rise to a series of experiences that are discovered along the way. Which enrich the outdoor space as a whole. A main garden welcomes the arrival at the house. It is situated adjacent to the entrance and next to a covered area for car parking.



Alongside the access to the home is the service area, which includes accommodation for male and female staff, a dirty kitchen, laundry, machinery room and storage facilities. A large interior garden is then laid out in the form of a square. Allowing the transit of both pedestrians and vehicles to service the main residence and providing direct access to the slipway for boats.



Finally, the Main House of the Beach House is accessed through a courtyard flanked by two buildings. The construction sits elegantly at the forefront of the plot, in direct connection to the sea which opens before it. The façade facing the ocean is shaped by a series of stepped terraces, reducing the visual impact of the composition and emphasising its horizontal proportions.



The layout



The strategy adopted to organise the layout of the spaces is to arrange the main rooms so that they have direct views of the sea. In first place, the Hall, Living Room, Dining Room, Open Kitchen and Suites are all visually connected to the outdoors and the sea through large windows, providing a unique interior experience. Secondly, at the heart of the house stands the impressive living room. Which links the sea and the interior garden in a smooth and seamless way.



Finally, two wings at the back of the Main House accommodate the annexed rooms. The Diwaniya, the gym and a multi-functional room are located in the north wing, whilst the Girls’ living quarters are located in the south wing, ensuring their independence and privacy yet remaining connected for their efficient use.



In summary, the location and surroundings of the plot are, without a doubt, the main protagonists and starting point of the Beach House project. The exuberant vegetation, the sea views and the simplicity in the layout of the house on the sand, allow the grandiosity of the landscape to impregnate the project, giving it its unique and incomparable beauty.



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