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Send applications to join the Balzar Arquitectos team by post or to the following email address.




Renovation and interior design



Built-up Area

475 sqm




Soraya Pla

Project specs.

1928 penthouse and offices


The 1928 penthouse and offices in Valencia are located in a historic building that is part of the modernist architecture of the city. Its main facade is composed of parallel vertical axes where the window openings of elongated proportions are aligned. It stands out for the classic balustrades on the balconies and semicircular arches in its openings.

On the one hand, the pre-existence, of incalculable value, was the starting point for the project of the attic and offices 1928. And when the classic and contemporary aspects of the intervention are combined, the result is a magical fusion. A juxtaposition of epochs and a contrast of styles that bring great value to the intervention. A dialogue that speaks of respect and the passage of time. On the other hand, the owners of the property have a sensitivity and love for art and design, which has undoubtedly contributed a fundamental value to the intervention.

In short, the historical architecture, the contemporary intervention of fine lines and curves and art, come together in this work that shines for its sensitivity. The pieces of furniture play a fundamental role in the composition of the spaces. Serene pieces, with simple and elegant forms, dress the atmosphere with light tones and natural materials to create spaces full of life and purity.

The program of the 1928 penthouse and offices is distributed on two levels. On the first floor is the more public part, with multipurpose work spaces and a meeting room. On the second floor there is a more private area with a large terrace, where the owners live.

The lighting has been carefully designed to give an intimate and warm character to the spaces. The materials chosen are natural and in light and cream tones, contrasting with darker furniture elements.

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