las lunas



“Las Lunas is a set of three unique houses. In which architecture, landscape and art merge to make everyday life an unparalleled experience.”




The curved shape




First of all, the curved shape of the “Las Lunas” houses is the result of an in-depth study of their surroundings. The houses take advantage of the best orientation of the plot to shape its unique volume and improve its bioclimatic conditions.




The curve of the facade has a double function: first, to protect itself from the views of the nearby houses and second, to give the houses a great expressiveness. In this way, the volume extends on one of the sides of the house achieving stylized proportions of great beauty and uniqueness. The curves of the facade make the house a friendlier place, with soft lines on which the sun will project interesting gradients of light that will evolve throughout the day.




Connecting with nature




Secondly, the views towards the garden are maximized thanks to the large porches and windows of the houses. The good connection between indoors and outdoors makes it possible to enjoy the outdoors, nature, views and warm weather from inside the spaces. At the same time, it allows the natural ventilation of the rooms in an optimal way, regulating the temperatures in summer days.



The kitchen as the heart of the home




In today’s homes, the kitchen is the heart of the home. The kitchen in “Las Lunas” houses is conceived as a place for meeting, gathering and leisure. It integrates with the rest of the main rooms of the house and merges with the dining room, the living room, the porch and the large garden.




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