grabador esteve interior



The interior in Grabador Esteve is recognizable for being essential, intellectual, powerful and monumental. This manifests itself in a livable, substantial and reflective place, in which even the apparently neglected has been meditated to the extreme.



The interior in Grabador Esteve aims to respect that which has value in the pre-existence. Harmonizing it with the new elements that will complement the space. Giving rise to a contemporary classic. The project intertwines different moments of history to create an atmosphere of great spatial and conceptual richness. The overall ambiance will be characterized by the simplicity of forms and the perfect imperfection of the materials that cover the surfaces of the space.



It evokes a Wabi aesthetic that connects us with the human, the handmade and nature and in turn, speaks of the passage of time. And precisely time will be the main material used in the construction of this work.


The thresholds


The main spaces will be carefully arranged along the symmetry axis of the environment. These spaces are connected by thresholds, which act as transitions between them. The arrangement of the thresholds along the axis of symmetry creates a sense of balance and harmony in the overall design. Each threshold marks a transition point between two spaces, and its strategic placement highlights the continuity and connection between them.



These thresholds are not only physical elements that divide spaces, but also play a symbolic role. They represent the passage from one state to another, whether from inside to outside, from a private space to a public one, or simply a transition between environments with different functions or atmospheres.



In addition to their practical function, thresholds will also have aesthetic and s ensorial characteristics. They will be designed with special materials such as stone, wood or metal, with contrasting textures or decorative details, creating a unique visual and tactile experience when passing through them.



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  • 09 23 | Grabador Esteve interior