The kitchen as the heart of the home

The kitchen as the heart of the home. Nowadays, the kitchen is conceived as a place for meeting, gathering and leisure in our homes, and it is gradually being integrated with the rest of the main rooms in the home. However, its importance and position within the home has not always been the protagonist and has evolved over the last few years.

The importance of the living room as a space for relationships in the home. With the arrival of modernity and the mechanisation of the house, its concept began to bifurcate and fire began to move as a central element to the periphery of the home.

In recent decades, this segregated kitchen has given way to a kitchen linked to the dining room and living room, which occupies the heart of the house. This space has been detached from female servitude and turned into a recreational space for the whole family and friends. The kitchen has become the space for leisure, work and enjoyment par excellence.

Integrating the kitchen with the rest of the living spaces is possible thanks to advances in technology and design. The integration of electrical appliances and the concealment of elements helps to open up the kitchen to other rooms. Generating continuous, larger and more connected spaces. Visually clean, tidy and harmonious. Thus returning the kitchen to its original place in the heart of the home.


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