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conference with YinjiSpace | Design Strategies

Conference with YinjiSpace | Design Strategies

July 14, 2022

Conference with YinjiSpace: “Design Strategies”. We recently gave a talk with the YinjiSpace team. We called it “Design Strategies” because we believe that it’s essential for architects to have access to a series of mechanisms that mean they can face the design challenges that arise in each project. In the same way that a carpenter is nothing without his or her tools, an architect can’t do much unless they have the skills to solve problems, design transitions and establish proportions, to mention just some of the key issues in architecture.

Design Strategies

At the Conference with YinjiSpace named “Design Strategies” we gave our talk a fully practical focus, explaining which “Design Strategies” we used in ten of our projects. We also wanted to quickly mention some of the design strategies we have used to solve problems in projects. Strategies that have provided a solution to situations that arose in each particular case. Each and every one involved putting beauty at the centre of the equation.

The architects’ responsibility


At the conference we emphasised architects’ responsibility towards what they build because they shape the world in which we live. We like to believe that the beauty we aim to achieve provides an important service to society: making people happy and creating a better world.

We are extremely grateful to Mia and Yinjispace for having invited us to come and talk about our work. It’s really exciting for us to see our work resonate in an incredible place like China, and we follow its architectural growth with great interest.

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