la arquitectura de hoy

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Architecture today. The idea of the figure of an architect has changed over time. The image of a solitary person drawing in their office and being awarded for their finished work is no longer. Society’s understanding of architecture took a drastic turn after the 2008 recession around the world and particularly in Spain. As witnesses to the events, many professionals left the profession and even the country and others had to reinvent themselves and adapt to a new and constantly changing reality.

An uncertain and wavering future to which only some have known how to adapt. A new society that understands the profession in a different way. People with dreams and ambitions who are more humane and aware of their environment. A world that recycles and reinvents while constantly updating and adapting itself.

Project scales, types and commissions are all different today. We have developed a versatility that makes us able to create a whole estate, a property, a home, a store, an interior or even a piece of furniture. And it is when various scales and different disciplines are thrown together at the same time that ideas shift between them, enriching and complementing one another.

This is why we firmly believe that architecture today embraces change. It understands what is there and attempts to create a world that is more aware, respecting the individual and the environment. Refining and researching new fields and different scales. Definition down to the last detail.

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