our studio

joaquín costa, valencia


When designing our studio we were looking for a serene and calm work space. We achieved this through elements such as: black steel, gray and reddish tones, large windows to the outdoor spaces and large tables and furniture that allow us to enjoy our day to day. The studio is located on Joaquín Costa Street, in the Ensanche area of Valencia, a central and at the same time accessible enclave within the city.




The initial idea of the office project was to create an open work space, fully connected. On the one hand, so that the space would be bathed by the light of the courtyard full of vegetation and on the other, to generate synergies and foster an atmosphere of teamwork, concentration and creativity. The spaces are divided only by light elements such as the curtains or the bookshelf that presides over the work area.







Materials and design contribute to this effect. On the one hand, the pure forms and integrated elements that define our interior design, and on the other hand, the chromatic range. The materials chosen are arranged “raw”, natural, with steel being the protagonist. All the fixed furniture elements are finished in this dark material that expresses itself. The polished concrete floor, the natural granite island in grayish tones and the natural Iroco wood furniture in reddish tones, mark the serene atmosphere of the space. “We wanted to meet this challenge in such a way that the studio would speak volumes about our approach to architecture.”






The studio’s reception area acts as the studio’s introduction. A wide glass and steel door gives access to the space. Presided over by mid-century design furniture pieces such as Marcel Breuer’s Wassily or Charles R. Mackintosh’s Hill House Chair. “Pieces from another era, but very contemporary despite the passage of time”. The plant props chosen are reddish in color, as well as a natural stone as a table by Gómez Grau. The work and meeting tables are custom designed by the studio and the office furniture is by Viccarbe.




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