house in quesa



The home is characteristic of the description of the quintessentially traditional house in the Quesa region.


We begin from the premise of doing a complete restoration, starting with repairing and consolidating the wooden structural system, and changing the position of the staircase.


The plan is divided into two levels. The living room is located on the first floor of the home along with the main bedroom while the second floor houses the rest of the bedrooms. The summer kitchen can be found through a patio.


The main façade is composed of white single-layer mortar, creating new openings with the proper dimensions to enhance the tectonic and monolithic character of the house.


In the interior spaces, we have used materials with textures and tones that seek to create a balanced composition with the flat white walls and ceilings. The stone wall was discovered during construction and we decided to take advantage of it, using ground lighting to emphasize its roughened character.