house in moraira



A plot with a striking height difference, a splendid view of the Mediterranean Sea and mountainous terrain, transformed by terrace farming, make up the geographical context where this house is situated.

The project is structured by two platforms and four spaces.

The platforms respond to the idea of the terraces in the surroundings, acting as a sort of viewpoint, making the project an authentic lookout house. They manage to reduce the scale of the house, creating the sensation that there is just one floor and minimising the visual impact on the mountain. The topography remains unchanged. The architecture fits into it, respects it and showcases it.

The spaces are the patios, which are so typical of our Mediterranean climate. They conveniently link the transition between indoors and outdoors, whilst acting as a thermal buffer that keeps the rooms fresh.


The symmetrical outline is proof of the house’s intention to overcome the passage of time. To not become obsolete. A classic composition, expressed through this house in an absolutely contemporary way.

And, finally, the search for beauty. The house aims to be a place of wonder, which improves people’s lives and contributes to creating a better world.