house in montevida



House in Montevida. The house in Murcia consists of two superimposed massive volumes. On the first floor one more connected to the outside thanks to two large windows. A second one on the second floor, more massive and powerful, which aims to protect its inhabitants from the outside views through large lattices. The occupation surface on the first floor is minimal, leaving ample space for the garden.


The floor plan is symmetrical, as in classical buildings, but with a contemporary character.


The geometry of the house in Montevida opens in its center to produce the access. This leads to the first floor, in the center of the house, where the entrance hall, the vertical communication core and the main space of the house are located. The day area is composed of a living-dining room and a kitchen separated by light furniture elements. All the rooms are closely connected to the exterior and the views of the house are protected through lattices that give a unique character to the house.


The first level will have three large bedrooms, two bathrooms and a suite with dressing room. The basement of the house has: a gym, a games room, a guest bedroom and a service bedroom.


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