belvedere house



The placement strategy on the lot, the design of the house itself… every detail strives, using modern solutions, to respect tradition, the environment, and the surrounding context.


The materials used evoke those of the traditional homes in the region, but the house’s shape grants it an absolutely contemporary aesthetic. And this balance between tradition and modernity has become the unifying theme of this project.


Belvedere is a house that is environmentally friendly and respectful of the context in which it sits. It forms a part of the place that surrounds it. And it seeks out real beauty: beauty that is aesthetic, functional, integrated in its environment, economical, eco-friendly, enduring… because living in Belvedere House should bring true happiness.


Belvedere House improves the lives of the people who live in it, is respectful of its surroundings and is environmentally friendly. This has been the key in selecting the materials and construction systems.


The materials used are traditional, natural (wood and stone) with little processing (little energy consumed in production), and durable (thinking in the long-term); in other words, sustainable. Because a truly sustainable house should be able to last 100 years.


A project designed by Balzar Arquitectos.

  • Casa Belvedere Balzar Arquitectos
  • Casa Belvedere Balzar Arquitectos