Send applications to join the Balzar Arquitectos team by post or to the following email address.

Send applications to join the Balzar Arquitectos team by post or to the following email address.

Publication by Imagicasa | “A fusion of environment and architecture”

June 16, 2021

Two Balzar Arquitectos Homes in Imagicasa. Home in Calicanto and Home in Los Olivos been published in Belgian magazine Imagicasa.

The magazine showcases the most beautiful projects, new designs and fascinating stories from Belgium and around the world. Its Spring 2021 issue talks to experts in timeless, open-air spaces, and inspires readers with ways to create a holiday sensation at home.

Titled “Fusing architecture and the environment”, the Imagicasa article explains our way of understanding architecture, the designs of our latest projects and their connection to their environment.

“Their philosophy focuses on the human role in architecture, creating spaces that are primarily meant to be lived in. The family’s vision is clear: they want to contribute to the lives of their clients and to the ecological, economic and social climate. The aim is to create architecture that is humanised, empathetic, contemporary and appropriate. ‘Every project of today is a legacy for tomorrow,’ says Balzar Arquitectos. These principles are also reflected in their two most recent projects Casa en Calicanto in Chiva and Casa en Los Olivos in Quesa”.

Balzar Arquitectos _ Casa en Calicanto

House in Calicanto

“The ambition of this project is to close off from the road and open up the view to the surrounding pine forest, making the two largest trees the main characters of the plot. Thanks to the upward curvature of the roof, the house, which rests punctually on the site, acquires a strong character. The palette of materials is inspired by the traditional houses of the region and tries to respect the context that surrounds it, although the shape of the house gives it an absolutely contemporary aesthetic. In this way, Balzar Arquitectos leaves its mark on the site”.

House in Los Olivos

“No fewer than three patios – one providing access to the house and two more enclosed patios leading from the rooms are integrated to provide ideal light, ventilation and privacy. In addition, the patios ensure that the spacious surroundings are part of the house”.

“The two Balzar Arquitectos Homes in Imagicasa are the perfect reflection of a fusion between the Spanish authentic environment and contemporary architecture. These first images are very promising and we already look forward to discovering the full and finished project”.


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