Carmen Sancho de Rosa

Avenida del Oeste Valencia

“It has been a pleasure to have shared with them the project of building our home. Professional, close, human… always aware of the last detail and to customize the project to the maximum to our needs”

Carmen Sancho de Rosa

Marisa Hypa opinion Balzar arquitectos

“Their passion for architecture and the way they reason and handle detail, elegance and light make them continue to grow as professionals”

Marisa Hypa


“We commissioned Balzar Arquitectos for a very special project and we are really glad we did; both Laura and Txema were attentive to our individual needs in every way, we are delighted with the excellence of their architecture”

Jose Vicente


Detalle cabecera de la cama

“Faithful to their principles and always attentive to the commission’s every detail, making every project their own and stunning at that. Synonymous with honesty and professionalism, essential values for an architect”

David Zarzoso

architecture photographer

Balzar Arquitectos _ Reforma en Orihuela

“Fantastic professionals, with enormous vision and exquisite service”

Ricardo Gamiz

Miguel Garrido Woodwork

They are a perfect team of professionals. Kind, attentive and very patient. We would count on them again without hesitation”

Germán Martínez


Balzar Arquitectos _ Reforma en Orihuela

“Seeing the before and after has been magical”

MªJosé Bermúdez


“You have far exceeded our expectations. We are so happy in our beautiful, yet comfortable and practical, home”

Amado Giménez


Balzar Arquitectos - Reforma de vivienda en San Vicente de Paul

“Every project for them has an utmost importance and will be performed with great care, proving the studio to be reliable and refined”

Agata Mila


Balzar Arquitectos - Reforma de vivienda en San Vicente de Paul

“Fantastic architects and even better people”

Israel Pérez

Grupo Tesela