Publication by Archello | House in Artes Gráficas

The “House in Artes Gráficas” in “Archello”. Our latest project has been published in one of the most influential architecture platforms.

“Archello” is an international platform where multiple companies can share their story about their projects. From architects to engineers, interior designers to manufacturers.

“The project consisted of converting an old, unoccupied office into a home for a family with small children.

The new layout clearly divided the day space to the north from the evening space to the south. The kitchen is located at the midway point, next to the entrance, marking the transition from the bedroom area to the large living room space.

The home has a large patio to the south that floods the rooms with light; this makes it possible to keep a large number of plants, connecting the interior to the natural world.

It has all the spaces needed for essential human activities: resting, eating, washing, working, exercising and playing”.


Habitación principal de la vivienda en Artes Graficas. Valencia _ Balzar Arquitectos

We are truly grateful for the publication of “House in Artes Gráficas” in “Archello”. We are proud to form part of an architecture and design community as large as that of this hugely prestigious platform. Thank you!

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