Sustainability in our projects

Sustainability in our projects. Sustainability is a term widely used in architecture and construction. At the Studio we believe that sustainability in architecture is about making buildings that last, that live for more than 100 years and that play with time to their advantage, that beautify over the years and that also reinvent themselves and adapt to change.


First, sustainability has to do with the configuration of our cities. The city of the future is configured in neighbourhoods: small independent nuclei within the big city that are well connected to each other. Units that produce and grow their own food, without the need to transport it, thus integrating nature into their environment. Generating green spaces and turning the city into a pleasant experience for the user.


Finally, the sustainability in our projects and buildings are those that have little or no impact on the environment, purify sewage and convert waste into energy. They integrate nature and use natural ventilation, purify, heat and cool it. Truly sustainable buildings are those that are able to reinvent themselves and adapt to ever more rapid and constant change.

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