Casas sostenibles. Construcción sustentable

Passivhaus in Valencia | A step further towards sustainability

Passivhaus in Valencia. At Balzar we want to take a step further towards sustainability because we believe that, as architects, we have a great responsibility to transform the construction sector.

We want to apply solutions that involve sustainable development, which means meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the chances of future ones.

To achieve this, we’re currently training to be able to design and calculate environmentally efficient buildings that meet the Passivhaus Standard. The Passivhaus Institut trains people to design, construct and calculate a building’s energy balance. Passivhaus Designer training is essential to designing and calculating passive buildings.

Passivhaus in Valencia. Passive houses have particularly high comfort levels and very low energy consumption. This is principally achieved by applying environmentally efficient principles, such as high performing windows, suitable ventilation, insulation, air tightness and reduced thermal bridging. The Passivhaus Standard can be applied around the world; the measures taken vary depending on the local climate and particular characteristics of each building.

If you are interested in sustainability, architecture and the Passivhaus standard, we can tell you more about it.

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