olive trees in architecture portals

Los Olivos in architecture portals. The House in Los Olivos has been published in multiple prestigious architecture portals in Spain and internationally. From Architectural Digest, Archdaily, Dezeen, Designboom, Leibal among many others.

The Vivienda en los Olivos is striking, first of all, for its integration with the wonderful landscape where it is located. “We wanted to respect this place, so we tried to preserve as many olive trees as possible in our concept and introduce the dwelling here. In addition, we wanted the interiors to be directly related to the landscape. We wanted to create a dialogue between the natural and the newly built,” explained Laura Moreno, co-founder of Balzar, in the interview conducted by Architectural Digest.

Secondly, the colors chosen for the house integrated perfectly with the landscape. The color of the leaves of the olive trees was used in the carpentry of the house, the gold of the sun at sunset in the natural brass kitchen and the red of the earth in the Iranian travertine.


Finally, water and light merge in this home. “Iranian Travertine tiles blend effortlessly with the pool, which is covered at the end. On the roof, Balzar Architects integrated a theatrical vault with semicircular arches to let in just enough light to reflect shining on the water.” states AD reviewer.

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