Algar de Palancia Visita de terreno

New housing project | Algar de Palancia, Valencia

New project in Algar de Palancia. We recently visited the plot of our new single-family home project in Algar de Palancia, an inland village in Valencia. The plot is located between the Espadán and Calderona mountains, in the Camp de Morvedre region of Valencia.

The future project will be constructed at the peak of a mountain in a new residential area. The name “Algar” is Arabic in origin and means “cave or cavity in the ground”. During our visit to the plot of the new single-family home in Algar de Palancia, we noted that the plot has spectacular views of the valley and mountain.

Algar de Palancia Visita de terreno

The new project in Algar de Palancia also features a very steep slope and this characteristic will become the main theme of the project.

Contact with the land of the future building will be a great architectural challenge and is key to the project’s design; the architecture will have a direct relationship with the land it sits upon. This could be approached in several different ways: suspending it, transforming it or attaching it. Certainly making full use of it.

“I believe that the basis of architecture should be the need to, or concept of, merging the artificial and the natural… Nature constantly provides architecture with shapes and materials, while architecture intervenes in nature, moulding it to its own purpose. This takes place over such a long period of time that the two different entities merge together.”

Eduardo Souto de Moura

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