Send applications to join the Balzar Arquitectos team by post or to the following email address.

Send applications to join the Balzar Arquitectos team by post or to the following email address.

New Project | House in Los Olivos in Quesa

January 15, 2021

Finally we can show you the first images that Balzar Arquitectos have developed for the new “House in Los Olivos” in the Quesa district of Valencia. This is a region that has stayed true to its Mediterranean spirit with Arabic origins, forming a fine example of an inland Valencian town.

The aim of this project is to adapt to the surroundings, to appropriate the land and to blend into the existing web of olive trees to take full advantage of what they bring to the site. It aims to be guided by a linear perspective that draws attention to the landscape using architectural resources to showcase it. Large windows and porches create views that overlook the fields and the sunset.

The site is on the border where the urban centre of Quesa meets the dry fields so characteristic of the region. The house takes on this sense of boundary, as it forms the link between urban and rural. On the one side, the entire length of the house is aligned with the front façade, following the urban design of Quesa and in harmony with the type of houses found in the town. At the same time, it nestles into the rural surroundings with its patios that embrace the olive trees and a broad platform that reinforces the linear perspective towards the horizon.

The patio

Historically, traditional Mediterranean architecture revolves around a patio, and is closed to the street. It delimits its open-air spaces with a clear boundary formed by walls of different heights that adapt to the land and surroundings, and can open when needed.

Through three patios – one providing access and two more private ones leading from the rooms – we can convert the garden into a much better adapted space for people. In addition, the patios embrace the olive trees and allow the ideal light, ventilation and privacy for the internal rooms. In short, the patio makes the olive trees and the ample grounds form part of the house, and therefore part of how people live there.

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