Entrevista a Laura Moreno por el grupo "Super Luxury"

Laura Moreno | Interview in Super Luxury Group

Interview with Laura Moreno in Super Luxury Group. Laura Moreno, architect and founder of Balzar Arquitectos, was recently interviewed by Álvaro Núñez, CEO of SLG, live on Instagram. The full interview is now available on Instagram TV and the most popular Apple and Spotify podcasts.

“SLG is an acclaimed Miami luxury real estate media network committed to connect and help the affluent to celebritize and sell high-end properties through influencer marketing. By using the power of proven media, luxury brands, NFT & Crypto integrations, and influencer collaborations, the Super Luxury Group team strives for the best results: matching the clients’ lifestyle with properties that reflect and cater their personal needs is a priority. SLG’s ability to find the best homes is attributed to its team’s knowledge and determination”.

Super Luxury Group

In her interview for Super Luxury Group, Laura Moreno talked about the changes that the architecture profession has experienced since the beginning of the pandemic, and the variety of architecture types and product designs that we work with. Finally, she described what luxury means to us: how it is something completely intangible. Luxury is in the atmosphere, it’s the expression of well-being: a window that looks onto a tree, a courtyard open to the sky, a room bathed in natural light or a simple texture.

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