Balzar Arquitectos _ Casa en Calicanto

New project | Concave House in el Escorial

We like architecture’s ability to pass on a message. By constructing we are able to say who we are and reflect on the aesthetic sensitivities of a moment in history.


This house is about its inhabitants, their concerns and sensitivities.


The house is located in the part of the plot that receives the most sun, with the length of the building oriented east-west. Occasional openings on its northern façade look out to the mountains while its south face is completely open, to let sunlight in and connect the house to the garden. This arrangement of the windows is all about the sun and wind. It is about the location.



The symmetrical layout of the house works three-fold. Firstly, it clearly divides up the rooms, separating day from night and work from rest. It reflects the creation of stability, serenity and harmony. Lastly, it showcases the house’s intent to survive the test of time. Of not becoming obsolete. A classic composition, used in architecture since time immemorial, but employed in this house in very much a contemporary way.



Architectural competition for Selecta Home


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