Award | Yuan Ye Awards 2020, China

The projects “House on Císcar Street” and “GVFC Apartment” by Balzar Architects recently won two of the Yuan Ye Awards 2020.


Since 2010, the organisation behind the Yuan Ye Awards has involved students and architects from architectural schools and firms on an international level. One of the competition’s aims is to increase designers’ creativity and influence to inspire the city’s renewal, promote urban development and bring together and showcase the best ideas and designs from around the world, as well as demonstrate the importance of design in society.



Each year at the awards ceremony, hundreds of specialists, academics and designers meet to share their ideas and give them a global platform.


The prize includes attending a two-day summit held in Beijing, China, at which our studio has been invited to give a talk.


This year’s event was due to be held on 21 and 22 March but, due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the prize-giving and conference have been postponed until the health crisis abates.