interview with ELO constructions

Interview with ELO Construcciones. Laura Moreno and Txema García from the Balzar Arquitectos team visited Plaza Radio on October 13th. The theme of the talk was “the role of the architect in society”. It took part thanks to the invitation of Lluís Llopis, CEO of ELO Construcciones in the program “La Tarde con Marina”. The full audio of the interview is now available at this link.

At Balzar Architects we believe that the role of the architect in society is to give shape to buildings that must respond to people’s needs. “We architects make things to make people happy and we try to make what we create beautiful. looking for beauty is the CORE of our work”.

In the Interview with ELO Construcciones, questions about art and architecture, sustainability and the importance of communicating the projects we carry out were discussed.

We are talking about specialization, which gave rise to our profession. Today, architectural projects are developed through interdisciplinary teams, in which, by vocation and training, architects act as coordinators.

Finally, we discussed the social media communication work we do in the studio. We try to communicate with a language that we all understand, simple and with the ability to inspire other people. “Because you realize that what you do, has a much greater impact than you had originally considered.”

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