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Send applications to join the Balzar Arquitectos team by post or to the following email address.

Interview in Yinjispace | Balzar Arquitectos

Interview with Balzar Arquitectos on Yinjispace.

April 7, 2021

Interview with Balzar Arquitectos on Yinjispace. Yinjispace is an international platform located in China that shares first-rate work in the fields of architecture, landscaping, interior design and products.

In the interview we talk about our beginnings and our concerns and interests. We also talk about how we achieve a more global and more human kind of architecture with our projects.

Architectural types

In the Balzar Arquitectos interview on Yinjispace we started talking about the beginnings of Balzar, as well as the many and various architectural scales we have had the opportunity to work on.

We have worked on urban projects, residential buildings, detached homes, restorations, renovations and even designed some of the furniture in some of our projects. We believe that working in this way makes our projects more coherent and make the process easier for our clients to manage.


Global design

In the interview on Yinjispace we put forward the general way we understand architecture. In our projects we strive to design and control every last detail, as we consider every element to be important and have an impact on people’s lives.

We understand design in an over-arching way and apply the same principles to designing a building as we would to designing a table. We always try to design the space in its entirety to control everything that has an impact on it.


A more human kind of architecture, to be inhabited

Lastly, in the interview, we explain how to achieve a more human focus with our projects.

We have recently included various design parameters into our projects in order to enhance people’s lives. These parameters involve quality of light, interior ventilation, the water that we use and consume and even the sound created in the spaces that we design.


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