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New interview in Venustas mag | “The constant search for beauty”

Interview  with Balzar Arquitectos in Venustas Mag. Architecture, design, art and lifestyle inspiration platform Venustas mag has published an interview with us about our studio on its website.

The interview with Balzar Arquitectos in Venustas Mag is titled “The constant search for beauty. Interview with Balzar”. We talk about the materials we use, our sources of inspiration, favourite designs and landmarks in the world of architecture, design and art.

Venustas Mag is a digital portal that publishes international architecture and design projects and interviews with professionals in these fields from around the world whose work inspires and excites. It features interior design spaces that communicate, thrill and connect with people.

“We are carried away by emotion rather than reason, we appreciate the importance of accomplishing, rejecting the superfluous and keeping the essence of a project, so that interior spaces have the right feeling for living or working…”

“Balzar Arquitectos creates long-lasting, timeless architecture than transcends time. With an honest, warm and responsible approach, the studio succeeds in creating spaces where only the necessary resources and elements are used, achieving more with less.

Spaces designed by the Valencian studio have no room for decoration. Everything is reduced to the indispensable, the essence. To the exact moment that light and materials find their maximum form of expression and succeed in igniting all the senses. Succeed in exciting. Succeed in finding beauty.”

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