Balzar Arquitectos _ Reforma en Orihuela

Interview in Vía Construcción | Balzar Arquitectos

‘Vía Construcción’, the digital platform and magazine, has published an interview online with Txema García, partner and team member of Balzar Arquitectos.

The prestigious go-to magazine for architects offers the latest work of the most active professionals and interviews with leading architectural firms, including Balzar Arquitectos.

“All of the studio’s work revolves around the constant quest for beauty. A beauty that provides a service to our society, that is, creates a better world that contributes to people’s happiness.”

“There is a concept which we like to talk about a lot, which is wellbeing. We strive to give all of the spaces present the necessary elements to be able to live well.”

“We understand our work as part of the legacy that we will bequeath to this world, and therefore we work under that responsibility.”

Vía Construcción magazine, pages 33-34.

Following their publication of our renovation project Orihuela apartment, it is an honour for us to have our work recognised again and join these select professionals of such prestige. Thank you!