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Send applications to join the Balzar Arquitectos team by post or to the following email address.



GG meetings | Spaces of the future

November 7, 2022

GG meetings: “Spaces of the future”. Laura Moreno from Balzar Arquitectos attended the first GG meeting to talk about the spaces of the future together with 5 women from the best architecture studios in Valencia. Gómez Grau’s initiative aims to open a space for conversation in which architecture, design and interior design professionals can discuss current architecture and city issues. The full article has been published in the Valenciaplaza newspaper and is available at the following link.


València European Green Capital

First of all, issues related to the election of Valencia as European Green Capital 2024 were discussed. This distinction recognises and rewards cities that have implemented projects to reduce their environmental impact and improve the quality of life. The restoration of the warehouses and extension of the central park, the landscaping projects of the Plaza de la Reina and the Plaza del Ayuntamiento in Valencia are “pioneering projects to create a more sustainable city”.

The industrialisation of architecture

Secondly, industrialisation was discussed as a solution for carrying out projects with faster and more sustainable materials and techniques, which adapt to the new times and allow for a wide range of possibilities and designs. Moreover, more flexible architectural designs with new styles and life cycles allow for more durable buildings, capable of accommodating any programme of the future.

The pandemic

Finally, the GG meeting discussed the effect of the pandemic on our lives. How teleworking and ways of living more closely linked to nature and in rural environments have been promoted. The gender perspective has put women in focus when designing spaces. The conversation ended with the metaverse and virtual reality. New digital environments that will allow us to meet people over long distances and better communicate projects.


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