CTAV talk

 Entrevista a Laura Moreno por el grupo "Super Luxury"

CTAV talk. Laura Moreno from Balzar Arquitectos gave a talk in the CTAV on 29th September. The initiative of the “Colegio Territorial de Arquitectos de Valencia” aims to respond to the different needs of new architects, in a leisure and relaxed atmosphere, in its magnificent space in the heart of Valencia.

In relation to the architecture week, the theme of the comboi in the CTAV of the month was “Architecture for health”, in which Balzar contributed his vision of wellbeing in his work. But how do you measure something immaterial, intangible like wellbeing and health in architecture?

What is true is that in the fast-paced world we live in, we need spaces of tranquillity, calm and comfort. We spend and interact many hours of the day in architectural spaces. Therefore, we can say that over the course of our professional career we have prioritised the emotional over the physical. Thermal and acoustic insulation, the use of warm materials, comfortable textures and smells. The use of welcoming lighting has become the cornerstone of our work.


In the CTAV talk for new architects of Valencia we talked about one of our latest projects, the retirement home in Alicante. Its chevrons layout, gardens and the way it is illuminated revolve around the idea of generating beautiful, warm and comfortable spaces.

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