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Publications | Coverage in architecture portals

January 7, 2022

Coverage in architecture portals: Designboom, Ignant, Imagicasa, Leibal and Minimalissimo. Hugely prestigious international magazines have covered our latest comprehensive refurbishment “Avenida del Oeste Apartment” in Valencia.

Designboom brings together creative professionals from different fields. It publishes the latest news and key topics in the fields of architecture, design, technology and art.

“Traces of the old ceiling décor steadily contrast modern features and complement the warm lighting ambiance”.

Avenida del Oeste Valencia

“The community for housing, furnishings and decoration”, that’s how Imagicasa defines itself, one of the most important architecture and design magazines in Belgium.

“With the Avenida del Oeste apartment, Balzar Arquitectos have created a beautiful residential project that will undoubtedly be a long-term home for the young couple for whom it was designed”.

Avenida del Oeste Valencia

Our new comprehensive refurbishment project has been featured by highly prestigious international platform Minimalissimo. The independent print and digital magazine focuses on minimalism in design.

“One of the most notable features of the apartment is the stunning colourways. Rich neutral tones cover the walls and floors: deep black and natural wood accented by a warm shade of white”.

Vivienda en Avenida del Oeste Balzar Arquitectos

Entitled “In Valencia, Avenida Del Oeste Apartment Balances Tradition And Modernity”, the magazine Ignant has published our latest project.

“filled with warm lighting and natural materials such as marble and wood, it merges past and present in perfect harmony”

International minimalist design magazine Leibal focuses on selecting the best minimalist and functional objects.

‘This new home project recognized the importance of using the setting as a departure point and therefore emphasized the location with a composition that aimed to create a harmonious balance between tradition and modernity‘.

Vivienda en Avenida del Oeste Balzar Arquitectos

The coverage in these architecture portals is an honour for us. We are proud to be part of such a great architecture and design community. Visit our Instagram and LinkedIn profile to learn more about our work, or subscribe to our newsletter.