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Send applications to join the Balzar Arquitectos team by post or to the following email address.



construction details

July 14, 2022

Construction details of cavities, flush mounted doors and skirting boards. The implementation stage of a project is crucial to ensure that the end result of building work is impeccable, especially when designing the construction details. We take particular care when developing these elements to achieve the best result.



First, the cavities. These are a key feature that is used to integrate LED lighting and hide temperature control, ventilation, blind and curtain mechanisms. Breaks in the false ceiling look like a clean line of light that illuminates the wall, but their function is actually far more complex. Cavity sizes vary between 15 and 25 cm in depth and height, depending on the mechanisms that are being installed.







Flush mounted doors

Secondly, doors are mounted flush with the vertical wall. This installation technique means they become a feature that is integrated into the architectural concept as a whole. MDF wood doors have two panels that are the visible faces of the door, while the internal part is lighter and helps to insulate. Two spigots at each end make it possible to have a flush join with the wall cladding. The pre-frame is embedded into the cladding and the frame is made of the same material. The door opens using two pivots in the floor and ceiling, while the handles are additional mechanisms that are also flush mounted and integrated.









Skirting boards

Finally, the skirting board is the bottom part of the wall that protects it from knocks and dirt. A 5 cm high skirting board that is placed flush and has a similar colour to the wall can go virtually unnoticed. The material used to keep it hidden is MDF wood lacquered in off-white, although PVC and Silestone are also good alternatives. The part is attached with flexible adhesive to the first laminated gypsum board of the partition and the joins are filled above and below.






These construction details, i.e. skirting boards, flush mounted doors and cavities, are essential to achieve a clean interior finish to our projects. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch via our social media profiles on Instagram and LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter to discover our latest news and projects. More details will be published soon.