Publication by AD | “Best Spanish brands and studios to renovate the house”

“300 best Spanish brands and studios to renovate the house” by the magazine “Arquitectura y Diseño, AD“. Balzar Arquitectos has been chosen as one of the best Spanish architecture and furniture design studios to renovate a house in 2021.

Vivienda En Gran Vía, Valencia

“Founded in 2018, Balzar Arquitectos is a family studio that unites two generations: José María García Zarco, with more than 30 years in the profession, and architects Txema García Ballester and Laura Moreno Albuixech. Their designs seek to stand the test of time through compositions that are expressed in a simple and elegant way. The constant search for beauty is one of the fundamental themes of his work, to highlight the value of people’s lives and contribute to creating a better world”.

Arquitectura y Diseño, AD

Architecture based on simplicity. Creating simple forms so that the light and materials find their maximum expression in the spaces. A simplicity that reflect authenticity and sincerity, without the need for embellishments in order to express itself.

We are deeply grateful to the AD team for appreciating our work.

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