Balzar Arquitectos - Reforma de vivienda en San Vicente de Paul

Award I Archello ‘Best of 2020’

Recently, Balzar Arquitectos’ ‘House in San Vicente de Paul’ was awarded with the ‘Best of 2020’ prize by the Archello architecture site.

Archello is a platform that connects all kinds of professionals related to the world of architecture, be it professional architects, students, sculptors, painters, engineers or any others who can contribute in some way to the community.

In this way, what this website manages to create is a directory in which people can showcase their projects, classifying them according to their characteristics, materials, etc. You can also find information on companies in the sector.

The website includes Google Maps, to make everything that little bit more visual and visually show the location (fictitious or real) of each project. You can also take a 3D look around thanks to the Google Earth plug-in.

Vivienda en San Vicente de Paul - Valencia

We feel very fortunate and grateful. As with other Balzar Arquitectos’ projects, the House in San Vicente de Paul has received much recognition, awards and mentions from around the world.

We could not be more proud of the international recognition of the Archello prize. Thank you!