Competition | The new Servef headquarters in Meliana

We like to think of the ability to resist the passage of time in buildings. A resistance understood not only from the physical point of view, as a durability of materials, but also from the conceptual point of view. Therefore, we usually use Jorge Oteiza’s famous phrase as the starting point for our projects:


“The one who makes progress creating something new does it like a rower, advancing forward, but rowing backwards, looking backwards, towards the past, towards the existing to be able to reinvent its keys”.


And that balance between the tradition and the modernity is the connection that develops our proposal for the center of Servef and Sepe in Meliana.


The building has the most advanced technology in terms of management of the installation systems and at the same time it is capable of reinstating the choice of materials, the compositional order of the façade and the interior structural order of the old Nolla factory, the building that served as the starting point for the creation of this project.


The presented proposal won the second place.


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